Entry: Big Brothers Big Sisters Week 3 Nov 13, 2016

It happened. The thing that your parents always told you would happen when you were worrying them happened to me this week. I turned into a worried mother. There’s a tire swing on the playground at the elementary school and, after doing some work on multiplication, Allison wanted to go outside and play on it. There are four other little girls in the program and four Bigs. All five girls wanted to play on the swing together. All five Bigs would rather they didn’t; you would’ve thought their moms were there with them. “Not so high, Suzie!” “Hold on, Jane!” “Let me hold that, Lucy!”* For the record, I had good reason to be worried. Allison pushed the tire swing so hard that she fell flat on her back UNDER THE TIRE SWING. Somehow she wasn’t hurt at all and got up before anyone kicked her. She popped up and said, “Not a quitter!” I’d like to take this moment to apologize to my mom because I now know what I put her through. I thought it was a fitting thing for her to say, though. Knowing her background, I know how much she works to be where she is. She is definitely not a quitter. All of that aside, it was a really fun visit and I still really love the program. I was so excited to see Allison after two weeks and I was surprised by how excited she was to see me. She wanted me to eat snack with her so at the end of program we drank the extra cartons of chocolate milk together because Bigs, who are in very different situations than their Littles, don’t need a snack. We have enough food without them. *As in my previous blog posts, all names of participants have been changed. By Emily Reese


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