Entry: Campus Kitchen Day 4 Nov 14, 2016

Today was a very chill day at the kitchen. It was only me and one other volunteer (plus our shift leader). Apparently 6 were signed up but it is typical that not everyone shows up. What we did today was basically take left over food from Servo and put it into plastic bags to freeze. The Kitchen gets unserved food form Servo about 2-3 times per week. Sometimes they use the food right away, however they don't always have a plan for the food they receive, in this case they pack it away to use later. Today we were packing away that food that was not going to be directly used. We had to make sure to label the bags with the date and put them into the freezer to restrict them from going bad. After we did that we also had to help take all the meat off of some of the turkeys that were delivered to prepare for this week that is based around Thanksgiving. That took a while separating all the edible parts from the bones. Once that was all finished we cleaned up and I was left to do the dishes. I worked with people I have worked with before and are really starting to get to know some of them well! I've seen some of the shift leaders around campus and always say hi as I pass bye, I really like how small and relaxed the whole process is.


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