Entry: Soup Kitchen Day 9 Nov 15, 2016

The days that I spend at the soup kitchen have become monotonous, though not displeasingly. Rather, I welcome the monotony. There are no shocks or problems that arise unexpectedly, and I always know what I will be doing each Tuesday I go to volunteer. In that respect, it is a good, comfortable monotony that has provided me with a definite niche in the West Street Soup Group as a sort of odd-jobber with the patience to perform vital outgoing tasks (i.e. bringing around the snack basket, punching people's food vouchers, etc.), while remaining open-minded to laboring over spirit-breaking mundane chores (such as folding napkins and packing them into a cardboard shoe box in the back room FOR HALF AN HOUR STRAIGHT). So today as I made my rounds punching and serving in the dining area, and the sheer monotony of my duties set in, I thought to myself that perhaps the monotony was not such a bad thing.


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