Entry: BBBS - Week 1 Nov 29, 2016

Today I finally got to meet my Little! Her name is Cara* and she is 9 years old in 3rd grade! She has cute strawberry blonde hair with blue streaks in it! Since it was the first time meeting her, I didn't get a lot of in depth information about her life, but I did learn a lot about her. I learned that she has two brothers, one of them is 11 in middle school and that her mom has a boyfriend. I also learned that she loves books about spooky stories. So today we read a book about schools that are haunted. She loved it, it was so cute the see her get so excited about the stories. She read some of the book and I read some of it to her as well. After we read some of the book we decided to do her homework. She only had math homework and she did it very quickly. It asked what 5 x 7 was and I was surprised by how quickly she answered it because I grew up with a little brother who isn't the best at math so it takes him longer. We finished her homework and then finished reading the book. After that she showed me her dolls and we read a book about a fish who got left out. Then after we finished reading that we looked at an I-Spy book which was fun for us to do together. She said things like "Im so stupid" if she couldn't find something which broke my heart. But, I told her she was not stupid and encouraged her to keep looking. Time flew by with Cara today and I can't wait to see her next week again for our Christmas party! I am also looking forward to the rest of the year and hopefully more years to come with her.


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