Entry: Campus Kitchen Day 6 Dec 2, 2016

Today in the kitchen we actually had a lot of work to do. We were making meals for the a program that runs in Glat on campus actually helping adults learn english, however we had some stuff to do cleaning up the kitchen that took up a lot of time as well. We made corn, garlic bread, chicken, and cupcakes. It was only me and one other volunteer but luckily we were pretty efficient and had some down time while things were cooking. We helped to reorganize some shelves that had lots of different types of containers and lids on them which was actually hard because it was very full. We also moved some canned items from one shelf to underneath the table and reorganized some of those. I washed the dishes again which I tend to end up doing every time I go but I actually enjoy it so it was okay. I enjoyed making the cupcakes and decorating them because we were able to put sprinkles on them. Once we put all the food together another volunteer came with his car and took it to deliver it to Glat for serving. We did just a little more cleaning and then we were done. Walking home was very cold and dark, and I will have to remember that for next time.


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