Entry: Sherfy Garden Week 2 Dec 7, 2016

The second time I went to the Sherfy garden was on September 27. This time, Jolene picked me up outside of my dorm because she now knew where it was. This time, as we drove, we continued to fill in each other about out lives. I really enjoy talking to Jolene because she is so compassionate and a great listener. She makes me feel comfortable to be around her, despite knowing her for such a short amount of time. When we got to the garden, it was time to do a survey of what was ready to pick. As we walked around, another volunteer named John showed up. John only came when it was time to weed-whack anything, because that was his favorite job. While walking around for the second time, I started to recognize the produce Sherfy farm was growing. There were green tomatoes, a plethora of peppers, many different herbs and spices, berries, kohlrabi, lettuce, brussels sprouts, beets, and a few other vegetables. While walking over to the sunflower plants, I found a massive praying mantis eating an ant. It was so fascinating. Later, I pulled out most of the beets, and cut off the greens on the top that were not supposed to be eaten. In the end, my second visit to the Sherfy garden was great!


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