Entry: Sherfy Garden Week 4 Dec 8, 2016

The next time I went to Sherfy Garden was on October 20. Jolene picked me up from the usual spot and we began our drive, talking all the way. Jolene was extremely excited today because today was the day to harvest the kohlrabi. One of the reasons we grow and harvest kohlrabi is for Jolene. Normally all of our produce goes straight to the Campus Kitchen or S.C.C.A.P., but they had no use for this vegetable. So what Jolene did was found a delicious recipe for the vegetable and decided to host a picnic for all of the volunteers. Unfortunately, I could not make this picnic because or a prior commitment, but that did not stop Jolene from bringing me her special kohlrabi salad. I got a message from Jolene saying she was outside my dorm. I came down to find her, her husband, a huge container of this salad, and a beautiful Christmas ornament with the Sherfy Garden on it. This action towards me shows how caring and giving Jolene is, and the positive environment in which I do my service in.


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