Entry: Sherfy Garden Week 6 Dec 8, 2016

I went again to the Sherfy Garden on November 1st. This time, we had to do the same thing we did with the tomatoes, with the peppers. I was kind of partial to all of the peppers in the garden so this made me kind of upset. I had picked so many peppers the entire time I was there, so I felt kind of bad pulling out the entire plants. Another volunteer named Barbara was there when me and Jolene arrived at the garden. This was great because we had a lot of hard work to do. As I pulled out the entire pepper bushes from the roots and entire stakes from the ground, Barbara would find all of the remaining peppers still on the bush. In fact, when Barbara did this, there were a lot of peppers left, hiding with the leaves. While we did this, Jolene got hay from the barn and put it around the bases of plants that were not ready to be taken up for the season. This included the brussels sprouts as well as spices and herbs. This took a while, but when we finally finished Jolene asked if I would like to go on a small hike on the battlefield. We went and she gave me a mini tour of all of the important landmarks. In all, I had an amazing day filled with hard work as well as friendship.


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