Entry: Sherfy Garden Week 8 Dec 8, 2016

The next and last time I went to the Sherfy Garden was on November 15th. I have to say that this was one of my favorite times. Who knew I would have enjoyed harvesting pea plants as much as I did. So, pretty much, I had to wipe all of the pea plant vines from the metal cages it was growing on. After I got the vines off of the cages, I had to pick the individual beans and put them in a basket. This day was extremely freezing, and my fingers felt like they were going to fall off, but I got the job done. In the end, I picked enough beans to fill up four large baskets worth. Then we went and checked on the brussels sprouts. These sprouts were still not ready to harvest, and probably will not be this entire season. This is a shame because since they were planted, they took up soil that we could have used on plants that actually gave us produce. I guess this was a good learning experience though, and will lead to a successful future in knowing what NOT to grow. We then left and took the beans to S.C.C.A.P., which appreciated them greatly. Me and Jolene went our separate ways for the season, but I know I will be back. I truly enjoyed gardening in this garden with Jolene. I liked getting my hands dirty and feeling like I made an impact in my community. I also liked building a trusting relationship with Jolene. She is truly an inspiration, and has been an amazing mentor over the course of the last couple of months. I am so fortunate for having this opportunity, and highly recommend the Sherfy Garden as a place to volunteer.


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