Entry: Campus Kitchen Day 8 Dec 10, 2016

So today was my last volunteer shift at the kitchen for the semester! We made a meal for the english class that takes place in Glat just like last week. Today it was mac and cheese that we actually put crushed cheez-its on top as a sort of topping which was interesting because I had never seen that before. Then we made some brownies and cooked them in a cupcake sheet pan which was weird but still worked. Then we packed the bags for the families again, except this time we had lots of food to use. Because it is the end of the year we are trying to get rid of a lot of the donations we have so the bags were very full. In some they were overflowing and we had to use another bag which was very good actually knowing that these families would be very appreciative to see how much they were going to get. The whole second half we spend slicing tomatoes actually. We made a tomato and onion salad for the meal and then we sliced the rest of the tomatoes and made it into a sauce just to do something with the rest instead of put them back in half empty. I did the dishes again which I usually end up doing but I don't mind. We had to deliver the food this time so I had to help carry the huge bag into glat which was very heavy but luckily it wasn't that far of a walk from the parking lot. I actually dropped it into the room and two of my friends were there helping out in the class so it was fun to see them and definitely a surprise. I worked with the same two girls that I have been working with a lot in the past so we kinda close by now. Both are seniors and one is actually graduating early so this is her last week. We talked a lot the whole time and it made it go by really fast. Overall I am pretty sad that it is ending, it is so convenient and such a good cause that I definitely foresee myself continuing next semester when I can.


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