Entry: Gettysburg Cares overnight Nov 24, 2017

My overnight at Gettysburg Cares was overall a good experience that I benefited from. Before I arrived at the location in which we were going to stay I was very nervous and uncomfortable. Staying overnight alone at the shelter was outside of my comfort zone. All my nerves slowly disappeared after I walked into the Cares facility and was greeted by so many nice people. They were all very welcoming and happy to see a young volunteer. I also encountered many people that I have seen on my runs throughout town which was very surprising to me. I would have never assumed that they were homeless and living in the shelter. The rest of my night was very easy going and went smoothly. I arrived at the church and set up my bed. Many of the people staying in the shelter were tired so they all got into bed. Unfortunately I was unable to make conversation with the residents because they were all getting ready for bed. The light were also turned off a little early. I slept pretty well and made it back to campus safely the next day. I learned a lot from my experience at the shelter. I had a strong stereotypical idea that shelters were dangerous and people would not be friendly but that was not the case at Gettysburg cares. It was also very different seeing people who are experiencing homelessness first hand rather than just reading about it in books. I am glad I was able to have this experience.


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