Entry: Blog 8 Nov 29, 2017

Today at the soup kitchen was fun, I saw a lot of familiar faces. I love the ladies I work with, but I was sad that it was Jan's last day. She has done so much for this soup kitchen but I can understand that she was ready to move on. I sat with a nice gentelman at the end at talked to him about cheerleading. He used to work security for the local high schools and he would be at the games and direct the buses. He told me of all these injuries that happened and the cool students they did. He told me that cheer was a real sport and to not listen to anyone who says otherwise, which I appreciated. I have seen him in the soup kitchen before, he's friends with Glen but Glen wasn't there today. A new family came in right before we closed. They had two daughters in middle school. They seemed nice, but I felt bad that the girls were not in school that day. I spoke to Rita for a little while, her sister just passed away and she's having a tough time. She loves the desserts we serve and she stays at the soup kitchen almost the whole time because she likes the social aspect. I did not see the man that was making a disturbance for Kiera when she went yesterday. I also didn't see the four kids I babysat last week, which I was bummed about. Overall, it was another good, but busy day and my second to last trip to the Soup Kitchen this semester.


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