Entry: Support Circles #8 Nov 29, 2017

This time at Support Circles was very interesting. It's the second to last week that I will be there until next semester. We had around eight kids tonight and six volunteers. As always, the proportion of volunteers to kids was almost equal. Although this might be seen as a fault to some extent, it does allow the volunteers to bond with the kids and really focus on them. Too many kids are left out of usual programs because the volunteers can't focus their attention on them. This setting is very good and provides many opportunities to form a relationship with the kids in my opinion. As always, Morgan did a very admirable job at keeping everything organized and making sure all of the kids were safe and having fun. I've recently considered applying for a program coordinator position at CPS, and volunteering with Morgan over these past few months has really provided me with a good example for how I want to be in that role if I am seen as fit for it. It will be bittersweet to leave SCCAP for over a month, but I am happy with the time I have had there so far. I'm sure I will have a lot more reflective thoughts after next week.


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