Entry: Support Circles #8-Pugliese Nov 29, 2017

November 29th, 2017. Tonight was a few more volunteers than usual but we had around 8-10 kids so it was fine to have more volunteers. This is the second to last week at circles and I've really enjoyed my time there. I spoke with the program coordinator and she brought up the point of how at school we only see teachers and other students so it's nice to have a break once a week and play with some younger faces. It definitely makes me miss babysitting back home and being able to just play and color for a few hours. The week during finals they plan to have Circles Christmas which I'm not sure I'll be able to make it to since I have two exams on Thursday but I'll try. I think next semester I am going to try to make it to Circles at least once a month and get a break from campus. Next week will most likely be my last for the semester so I will make the most of it. I hope that next semester when I return there are some new faces both in Circles and with the volunteers. It was pretty calm tonight with the kids as we just played with legos, marbles, colored, and the kitchen set. We all gathered around and took a big photo of everyone saying we were thankful for the Circles program.


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