Entry: BBBS Update and Research Paper Nov 29, 2017

I have finally heard back from the Adams County Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization about my placement and it turns out that there was actually an issue of not enough people applying to be in the program. So in order for the program to be run at any specific school there must be at least two children interested in the BBBS program, and people just weren't applying. However applications finally started flowing in and although all my paper work is done and I have been placed at Franklin, the program has chosen to start sending us during the spring semester because there are only two full weeks left in the semester. They want to ensure consistency in the relationships in order for us to get to know our little as well as for them to get to know and trust us. For the final research assignment I chose the topic of reproductive healthcare for people, especially women living on the streets. I have done research and read articles on issues such as: rape, domestic violence, menstruation, pregnancy, STDS, STIS, trade sex, contraceptives, public policy, professional stigma, racism, sexism, and many other factors that contribute to the issue of reproductive healthcare for people experiencing homelessness. One of the main pieces of international policy which I found aimed at the advancement and correction of global policy and action in reproductive and sexual health car for the homeless and impoverished was through the World Health Organization and is known as Millemial Health Goals. The program was implemented in 2000 by the United Nations and was a 8 step global plan to irradiate poverty and specifically to address the unfunded issues of homelessness including women's healthcare and sexual health. I have found a lot of great sources through the academic search premier search engine the library provided and I am currently typing my sixth page and working on my outline.


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