Entry: Soup Kitchen Dec 1 Dec 2, 2017

Today Hannah and I went back to the soup kitchen after being gone for two weeks. It was really cool today because everyone seemed really happy. One woman ran in and told us she had just gotten her own place. Someone else told us he had gotten a job after searching for so long. There were also a ton of donations we were able to give to the guests such as pasta, squash, and even dog food. The basket that we bring around for people to pick items out of, was filled to the top. Lunch was served and we had meatloaf, mac and cheese, and apple sauce. After mostly everyone ate and left, Hannah and I went out and sat with three of the remaining guests. We got to meet two of them for the first time and they were really friendly. It was cool to get to talk to them since a lot of the time it can be difficult. They are either absorbed in other conversations or busy eating and they are not allowed into the kitchen. I talked to one man who comes in often. All the volunteers love him. He told me that he went to school to become a history teacher but then ended up becoming a chef for 18 years. I thought it was interesting to talk to them because it felt like talking to friends. The facts I learned about him are random enough that I would only know them about my friends and not just complete strangers. After talking for a bit, Hannah and I cleaned up and went back to campus. It was a really good day at the soup kitchen and I hope spirits are just as high next week.


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