Entry: Campus Kitchen Day 7 Dec 2, 2017

This week, I went to another Campus Kitchen shift. There were two other people volunteering with me, and we made some ravioli lasagna concoction that Lexus came up with. It looked pretty good in the end, though my noodle-laying abilities were not that great. We also made apple crisp, and served cauliflower on the side. It was a pretty low-stress shift, and we got everything done pretty early. One thing I've noticed at Campus Kitchen is that they never really have perishable items, so eggs and butter aren't options. Instead, they use oil, shortening, or some other substitute. This really limits what gets made, and I think this is a big reason why they normally heat up food, rather than making it from scratch. Although there's no real way to get around this, I feel like it ruins some of the philosophy that we learned at D.C. Central Kitchen. There is a great deal of emphasis on not only giving people food, but giving them good food. Instead of getting a nice, home-cooked meal, the people we serve are really just getting heated-up leftovers. I think that this probably isn't a problem that can really be solved by Campus Kitchen, but it is a shame.


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