Entry: El Centro October 18, 2017 Dec 4, 2017

Over the past couple of weeks, there has seemed to be a lot of tears shed in the kindergarten room. Today, it was Meryangie. She has been struggling with listening to the teacher, Mrs. B, and frequently refuses to complete her work. When repeatedly asked to work on her worksheets, she wordlessly shook her head and put her head down. After much prodding, the tears began, and did not cease until she was asked if she wanted to go home. Usually this is not an option presented to kids; however, her mother was coming early to pick up Meryangie's older brother in first grade. Her older brother had been causing issues in the first grade with his refusal to do work and resorting to crying to get out of doing work. With no sign of the behavior ceasing, he was suspended from attending El Centro for a week. This suspension was used to encourage him to complete his work. However, the usage of this suspension inadvertently penalized his family as well. Both of his parents work, and the mother's job did not allow her to pick up her children from school or El Centro until 4 pm. With her son's suspension, the mother would lose her job which would hurt the family as a whole. Instead of risking the mother's job, Professor Olinger, head of El Centro, decided to allow the suspended kid to come to El Centro until 4 pm so that the mother could keep her job.


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