Entry: Soup Kitchen 11/14 Dec 6, 2017

11/14- Nearing the end of the semester, I reflect upon my experience at the soup kitchen as, well, good. However, is the experience good enough where I would do it as a job? Supervisor Jan Guillory is retiring from the position next week, and I’ve recently been observing how much she actually does behind the scenes. To follow in her shoes, the future supervisor will have to take on tasks that require effort and focus-- the job can be tedious. However, from what I’ve witnessed the future supervisor will reap many rewards. This includes personal connections with clients and volunteers, yummy food, pay, and the chance to witness changing a small piece of someone’s life. Without someone like Jan, the soup kitchen wouldn’t be running. I’m sad to see her go, but excited to watch her procedure take on a new challenge while I, myself, continue to go through the routine


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