Entry: Support Circles #9 Dec 6, 2017

Tonight was my last night at Support Circles for the semester. I definitely plan on attending next semester with Morgan as well. Tonight was yet another laid back night. The adults prepared for their holiday party happening next week, and we watched a group of about six kids downstairs. The group of helpers included Me, Morgan, Emily, Lily, and a new helper named Patrick. We played some games with the kids and Morgan wrote a story about "St. John the Christmas Turtle" to go along with a drawing of a turtle that a girl had done. Tonight was yet another night where I realized why I was in Support Circles. I got to talk to the kids and help them with their games and even their drawing. And it was great to see them having fun and enjoying themselves. The time I have spent there has allowed me to escape from myself for a little bit each week. I won't lie that some weeks I have dreaded going due to the work I had to do, but when I got there I would always get some enjoyment out of talking to Morgan and playing with the kids. Too many students live in apathy without doing a lot of real service for the community around them. And without this class, I can't say that I wouldn't have been the same way. This class taught me a lot about poverty and what it does to families. Seeing it firsthand at Support Circles really brought home the concepts taught in class. Seeing the perseverance and dedication of the people to make their way out of poverty was a great encouragement to me and a testament to the human spirit. I am grateful for all of my experiences with the class and in Support Circles, and I can honestly say it gave me a new perspective that will affect me in my service from here on out.


September 10, 2019   10:14 AM PDT
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