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Maura Culkin » Is anyone else out there afraid of sharks? Whales? Apparently this is not an uncommon phenomenon. Today at the shelter, the work study student and I saw an add on a Pepsi can for people to enter to win a trip to snorkel with sharks. And we both said, “EEE
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Maura Culkin » The shelter was a bit disappointing this week. I know that I’ve only been there two times, and that it’s difficult to get to know people when they are constantly moving in and out, but I feel as though I haven’t “connected” with anyone there yet. It seems
Katie S. » Is this where I'm even supposed to post stuff? I'm rather confused if you couldn't tell......I tried
Katie S. » for the entire time so we can have some fun with the whole group.
Katie S. » would be bad mothers and not really care for their children but this girl really seemed to have things together. She obviously loved and cared for her daughter. I actually am excited to go back next week and hopefully everyone will be able to stay for t
Katie S. » a second child. They both lived in the shelter. She was very overprotective of her child and frequently checked in on her to see how she was doing. I think this would surprise a lot of people who might think that teenage mothers, especially homeless ones
Katie S. » left, it was only the twins and the other toddler so there wasn’t a lot of work but nevertheless, we still had fun. The twins actually were not homeless, their mother just attended classes. The toddler’s mother looked about my age and was pregnant with
Katie S. » and saw how normal, down to earth and friendly they were, I felt a lot more at ease. The eleven year old twins were really talkative and gave me some good laughs. It seemed they had an opinion about everything! After screaming toddler and her sister le
Katie S. » .
Katie S. » and a half went by rather quickly without any problems besides the screaming baby. There were also two other women who helped us out which Tara and I were quite grateful for. I was really nervous going into my placement but now that I met the kids and
Katie S. » I lost) Go Fish, War and Outburst. We all had a good laugh over Outburst which obviously was a bit outdated. Under the category of “Female Rock and Pop Legends” Cindy Lauper, Debbie Gibson and Belinda Carslile were among the coveted top ten. The hour
Katie S. » guess this happens a lot and we were told to let her cry but she was far too upset and loud to deal with. Her Mom came back to get them and the night remained peaceful. We played a variety of games including Bingo, two rounds of Old Maid, (both of which
Maura Culkin » Well, now that I’ve gone through the humbling experience of explaining that I did not know how to copy and paste, I feel I can bear my soul about anything. But I don’t have any soul-bearing material this week. Ah, well. You spew your innermost thoughts an
Katie S. » the nursery a few doors down. We watched five children; (all female) a set of eleven year old twins, two toddlers and a four year old. One of the toddlers screamed so much when her mother left that she and her sister had to eventually been taken home. I
Maura Culkin » Please ignore everything that I wrote down below. it is totally out of context, and won't make any sense. I'm going to attempt to learn how to copy and paste by tomorrow.
maura » ain, while the kids were thrilled at the thought of the town of Gettysburg being under five or six feet of water. The lawn furniture was stored in to the back shed, people tried to ensure that the swi
maura » as quite flurried. There were a lot of people calling in to see if there would be space for them in case if there was a disaster. The residents were grumbling at the thought of being forced to move ag
maura » work in the Adams County Shelter on Thursday, the dat that tropical storm Isabel decided to grace the East Coast with her presence. (Are hurricanes female like boats?) So the activity at the shelter w
maura » I beleive that my last entry worked, or at least it's in the little box on my screen, and that counts for something to me. Oh, ah, words. I should learn how to copy and paste. Ahem, so i started my
maura » Well, I am hopeless with computers, so I have no idea if this is working... Maura - this is just a "dry run"
Katie S. » Homeless Shelter Visit #1 Today was my first day volunteering at the homeless shelter in Gettysburg. Both Tara and I helped out with the children of the adults in the classes. While they took their classes in a nearby church, we kept the kids amused in